Orwell 2k-Drone Edition video surveillance system with computer vision

The system serves for:

  • automatic displaying of all targets detected by ROCON radar station and the video data from HYPNOTIST PTZ platform
  • displaying the location of the detected targets and situations on the map
  • alerting the operator in the real-time mode
  • providing the operator with the information sufficient for making a decision
  • integration of any sensors and devices (radars, cameras, thermal imaging cameras, etc.) in the system

Global European Security System 

  • The system can automatically issue alarm messages to global security systems.
  • Our system provides the operator with important information about events (metadata), through which he makes decisions.
  • The system can transmit the same metadata to the global security systems through the necessary communication channels.
Individual approach

Individual approach

All systems are designed and manufactured by our own company. Using our expreience we can offer the best option for your specific needs



You can be sure about your health and property security protected by our anti-drone systems.



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