The system is to be used for neutralization of remotely controlled UAV and drones located on the ground and water surfaces.

The principe of operation of “STUN” is based on UAV’s  data transmission and navigation channels interruption.

The result is a failure of a flight task, a termination of the operator’s control and navigation’ disorientation.

As a result, UAV stops moving along its route (loses control), lands in a safe mode at a place of an impact or returns to a starting point of its route.

Under “STUN” operator’s control drone can  restore its operability when the suppression stops and (or) when rebooting. No material injury to the owner of UAV.

Without using of special optic accessories, the maximum range of drone’ visibility by the operator is 500 meters, which is enough for the portable unit to neutralize the flying drone.

Transportation and application is done by only one person, “STUN” has an ergonomic design, and weights only 5,5 kg.

Operating time in radiation mode – up to 4 hours.

Special skills and experience are not required.

Portable Anti-drone complex – STUN has been successfully tested and used during 2018-2019 on time of different occasions and events.



  • High level of probability of the neutralization of the moving drones.
  • The effective application of “STUN” has range of 650 meters (the visibility of the moving drone usually is no more than 500 meters).
  • Interruption the operation of control channels, date transmission and navigation by electromagnetic and optical-electronic suppression system.
  • Can be equip with a laser remitter of visible range, which allows the user partly or completely disorganize the process of video filming, which is conducting from the drone.
  • Missing of the rucksack with an additional equipment and batteries.
  • Missing of the external antennas and other protruding and frail parts.
  • Low weight, solid design and compact body size.
  • Adequate price.
  • Opportunity of the free acquisition.

Technical specification

Characteristics Suppressed frequencies
– Weight – 5,5 kg

– Overall dimensions – 900x206x140 mm

– Suppression range:

Navigation channels – up to 2000 m

Control channels – up to 600 m

– The width of the radiation pattern is 16 degrees.

– Operating time in radiation mode – up to 4 hours

– Power – 10 W

– The battery charge decreases by 3% for

1 month at T = 20C.

– Warranty period – 1 year.

-specified service life is 3 years

-840-870 MHz

-904-940 MHz

-GPS L1, Glonass L1,

Galileo E1, Beidou B1l

-GPS L2, Glonass L2,

-Beidou B2l

-WiFi 2.4 GHz

-WiFi 5.8 GHz




Individual approach

Individual approach

All systems are designed and manufactured by our own company. Using our expreience we can offer the best option for your specific needs



You can be sure about your health and property security protected by our anti-drone systems.



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