ROCON Radar Station

The purpose of ROCON radar station

The station serves for:

  • radar surveillance of the above-ground, above-water and air space
  • automatic detection of small UAVs, humans and vehicles
  • determining the coordinates of the detected targets (range, azimuth, elevation angle, speed)
  • automatic transmission of the coordinates of the detected targets to optical electronics


ROCON radar station: the structural principles

  • X-band (9200 – 9500 MHz)
  • Stacked beam in the elevation plane
  • The system may include a LAN router to which a PTZ dual-spectrum video camera or other network devices are connected
  • An embedded computer processes data and controls the PTZ camera automatically
  • The GNSS and INS receivers allow several devices in a single information space with geo-referencing and provide functioning on a moving platform


ROCON main performance characteristics

Individual approach

Individual approach

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