With our Anti-drone systems - we insure your complete protection and security.

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We see our mission in protecting industrial, commercial and private property, strategic and important objects, the environment and your life from unwanted UAV invasions.

We insure your effective protection and security with our Anti-drone complex systems.



Potential targets, threats and dangers expected from the airspace attack

Potential air attack targets. 

Objects of a prohibited or undesirable UAV invasion can be:

  • airports,
  • sea and river ports,
  • railway stations,
  • nuclear, hydro and thermal power plants,
  • oil producing enterprises and platforms, oil refineries and oil storages,
  • gas producing and processing plants and storage,
  • tankers and gas carriers,
  • chemical factories,
  • prisons,
  • drinking water sources,
  • government agencies,
  • private properties, including large yachts,
  • public events such as: rallies, demonstrations, football matches, concerts in large open areas and many others …

Our Anti-drone system ROCON prevents, stops and neutralizes such attacks.

Potential threats and dangers expected from the airspace attack.

Terrorists and plotters can use UAV’s for:

  • drop of explosives,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • drop of hazardous chemical substances,
  • illegal surveillance ,
  • riots and panic organization,           
  • using a drone as a firearm,
  • dangerous rapprochement with airplanes and helicopters,
  • collision with buildings and structures,
  • commercial and household espionage,         
  • eavesdropping,
  • invasion of privacy…

Our Anti-drone system prevents, stops and neutralizes such dangers.


Our Anti-drone systems provide the possibility of integrating them into the existing global European and other telecommunication networks — warning systems of suspected or occurred emergencies and making decisions about the necessary measures to prevent them or to eliminate their consequences.

The issues of guard, protection, and safety of airspace are issues of cooperation with public and private companies-customers

This in turn imposes on us a high degree of responsibility and the need to respect the confidentiality that we guarantee to our customers

We can demonstrate the efficiency of our systems at demo spots and prepare an individual projects to protect your objects, taking into account your specific tasks.

Our Anti-drone Solutions

About Company

About Company

We are a company that protects people, their property from unwanted drone invasions. We  have created technical systems to secure property and privacy from intrusion from drones. Our systems protect from unauthorized intrusion of UAV’s into public and industrial facilities, airports, power plants, ports and other objects and secure sea and river vessels.

Individual approach

Individual approach

All systems are designed and manufactured by our own company. Using our expreience we can offer the best option for your specific needs



You can be sure about your health and property security protected by our anti-drone systems.



We guarantee the performance of our anti-drone countermeasure systems. We are fully engaged in technical support and service.

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Address: 37, Transportna Str, 8008 Burgas, Bulgaria

Phone: +359 88 862 4162

E-mail: info@aerogroup.bg;    n.sidorenko@aerogroup.bg

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